The activities 1 to 10 are related to the HYBRID NARRATIVES and the number 11 is related to the NATURE OF KNOWLEDGE. It will be nice if you fulfil the activity 10 before and after you read the HYBRID NARRATIVES. The same applies to the activity 11, but this one must be accomplished before and after you read the texts of NATURE OF KNOWLEDGE.

Activity 1 (Severing words and phrases)

Activity 2 (Joining diferente ways to speak)

Activity 3 (Joining words)

Activity 4 (Severing more words)

Activity 5 (Segregating texts)

Activity 6 (Joining new diferent ways to speak)

Activity 7 (Joining new words)

Activity 8 (Segregating new texts)

Activity 9 (Game of images)

Activity 10 (Statements on school science)

Activity 11 (Statements on the knowledge of science and community)