Literature deconstruction

The literature chosen for this activity involve various themes regarding Science education and the knowledges of local communities. Let’s start with the analysis of Out of Place: Indigenous Knowledge in the Science Curriculum,” authored by the researchers Elizabeth McKinley and Georgina Stewart from New Zealand, published in the Second International Handbook of Science EducationPart of deconstructive reading involves identifying typical dichotomies or binary pairs of Western thought. Sometimes these pairs are mentioned and discussed in the texts themselves. In others, there is an emphasis in one aspect and its opposite is identified in the analysis. The couple identified in each text are provided here in a separate file, providing an idea of what is discussed in each text. New readings will be made available soon.

Analysis of Out of Place: Indigenous Knowledge in the Science Curriculum.”

                See also a powerpoint presentation of some dichotomies/binaries observed on  this publication. (see the words’ movements in the presentation of slides mode)


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