Mr. Zé, Mrs. Ná and the orange wine


Brief history of this research

   The knowledge around the orange wine brewing by a family residing in the town of São Tiago, Minas Gerais, Brazil, came out through the interest of a member of the family, Ronaldo, to understand better the phenomena involved. At that time, he was a student of Physics in the University but grew up watching and participating in the orange wine making process within his family year after year. Motivated by him, we developed an extension project that aimed to investigate the production of this wine and its knowledge insertion into chemistry classes.

    In the project, one of us, Daniela, was a student of Chemistry and the other, Joaquim (fictitious name), the advisor. At the beginning of the work, Daniela, who was more interested in the educational part of the project always wondered what Mr. Zé and Mrs. Ná (the Ronaldo’s parents) could teach and whether it was possible to propose a new way to educate and learn chemistry in school through their knowledge. On his turn, Ronaldo liked to go to the laboratory and participate in the work related to the reproduction of the wine and determination of its density and alcohol content.

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Mrs. Ná, Mr. Zé and the son Ronaldo, in 2002 and 2014

    However, the most relevant part of the investigation occurred in the backyard of Mr. Zé and Mrs. Ná home, where the wine is usually produced, which involved writing and audio visual documentation of the process. After that, we did a literature research, wrote a text, conducted an interview with the couple, improved the text, interacted with a microbiologist expert on yeast, planned activities and developed classes at a third year high school classroom, starting the work by the students´ interaction with a video and a text on the orange wine making.

   We describe here the preparation of the orange wine according to the knowledge and practice of Mr. Zé and Mrs. Ná alongside its scientific explanations. The material consists of texts and photographs. Good Reading and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Zé, Mrs. Ná and the orange wine

  1. Antonio Augusto Lourenço Vinhas

    Boa noite, fis o vinho como descrito, o vinho de laranja depois de 6 meses ficou otimo, ao beber um copo a corente sanguinia acelera, Ficou um vinho de qualidade melhor do
    que muitos vinhos de nome , e inportados.
    Fis com laranja muito doce e não deu certo na segunda ves.
    A terceira fez vou faser conforme receita, Mas vou esterelizar a calda com acucar e o suco de laranja a 82 graus ceucio, para melhorar a qualidade, depois de engarafar vou
    esteriliar a 65 grau celcios por vinte minutos em banho maria.
    Gostei do vinho pretendo investir no vinho de laranja.
    O vinho só fica com um otimo sabor depois de 5 a 6 meses, entes deste prazo não e bom.
    A sua reportagem eschareceu as duvidas que eu tinha

    1. Paulo Pinheiro Post author

      Boa noite. Fico contente, Antonio. Deixe-me saber, o Sr. já tinha conhecimento desse vinho ou ficou sabendo através do material disponibilizado no Ciência na Comunidade? Vai produzir o vinho em grande escala?


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